Colson Group Canada Launches Refreshed Canadian Website

On Monday, October 5, 2020, the Canadian-based Colson Group launches their refreshed Canadian website at The website is designed to help Canadian customers find information that is relevant to their applications, source local distributors, and fulfill the commitment of providing quality casters
anytime, anywhere.

The website possesses many useful features, such as links to 3D profiling for Colson brands, links to NSF listings for food processing industry applications and a nationwide “Where to Buy” search engine that lists both stocking and regular distributors. Latest News and Media sections exist to keep customers informed of the latest updates from Colson and provide them with links to relevant articles published in trade magazines. The website also allows existing and new customers of Colson Group Canada to browse and source multi-brand products from one integrated location, which will help Canadian customers, reduce transaction costs. The interactive “Request a Quote” submission form is available to guide customers through the quote process if they are unable to reach a sales representative by phone.

Colson is Canada’s leading supplier and manufacturer of casters designed for today’s complex industrial, institutional and healthcare applications. With over 66 years of experience, Colson offers a large, complete line of casters, including Ergonomic Advantage™, NSF-certified products and cutting-edge plastic and steel

Headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario with additional locations in Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver, as well as nationwide distribution, Colson is committed to providing quality casters, anytime, anywhere, for Canada’s major industries.

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